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Prof. Kinga Kamieniarz- Gdula is an ERC Laureate

Prof. Kinga Kamieniarz Gdula, a member of the Competition Committee in PRA 2, has been awarded a prestigious European Research Council (ERC) grant.
The project "Alternative gene ends: interactions of RNA cutting and transcription termination" received funding of 1.5 million euro.

The topics of a European Research Council project can be diverse and cover all fields of knowledge.ERC grant allows to create the first independent research team or programme and achieve scientific independence.

The main goal of Professor Kamieniarz - Gdula's project is to find out what determines which end of a gene is used under which conditions. In a further research perspective, it will be important to understand the interaction between RNA cutting and transcription termination in the selection of alternative gene ends. Doing so may allow control of this process in, for example, cancer.

This is the first European Research Council (ERC) grant awarded to a scientist representing the Adam Mickiewicz University.