PRA 05 HumSoc

PRA 5HumSoc: Art. and Humanities, Social Sciences


Language and linguistics, literature, education and social inclusion, social archeology, quantitative science research, constitutional law, social communication, psychological diagnosis, spaces and places.

Study fields and research disciplines:

  • 1.1 Humanities/Archeology
  • 1.2 Humanities/Philosophy
  • 1.3 Humanities/History
  • 1.4 Humanities/Language and Linguistic
  • 1.5 Humanities/Literary studies
  • 1.6 Humanities/Cultural and religious sciences
  • 5.2 Social sciences/Socio-economic geography and spatial management
  • 5.4 Social sciences/Social communication sciences and media
  • 5.7 Social sciences/Law
  • 5.8 Social sciences/Sociological science
  • 5.9 Social sciences/Pedagogy
  • 5.11 Social sciences/Psychological


History, Language and Linguistics, Archeology, Literature and Literary Theory, Philosophy,  Experimental and Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology, Education, Geography, Planning and Development, Law, Linguistics and Language, Sociology and Political Science, Cultural Studies, Urban Studies.

Study Fields related to PRA:

Archeology; Philosophy; History; English Philology; Philology; Spatial management; integrated development planning; Law; European Law; Sociology, Pedagogy, Special Pedagogy, Psychology.

Manager of PRA 5: prof. Katarzyna Dziubalska-Kołaczyk