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Prof Sanders' lecture on 24 March at 10:00

On 24 March 2022 at 10:00, Professor Jeremy Sanders from the University of Cambridge will give a lecture entitled "What is the role of the leader of a research group?"

The lecture will be held remotely, on the MS Teams platform.

Lecture by Prof. Jeremy K. M. Sanders as part of the UAM-CAM-Bridge 2 project on transfer of good practices, within the ID-UB project, led by Prof. Artur Stefankiewicz.

During the meeting, together with Professor Sanders, we will look for answers to the questions:

What are the aims and objectives of your research group?
What should you focus on?
Is it research, grants, publications or perhaps the promotion of activities?
How do you make discoveries that can help society and understand the world? How do you train your successors?