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POPANE DATASET - Psychophysiology Of Positive And Negative Emotions

Changes in human physiology, for years, have been considered one of the basic components of emotions experienced by humans. In a paper published in Scientific Data, researchers responded to the interest in the physiology of emotions in various disciplines, such as computer science, by presenting a public database called Psychophysiology of Positive and Negative Emotions (POPANE).

This database includes more than 750 hours of recordings from 1157 individuals, collected in seven studies conducted over the past 10 years by Prof. Lukasz Kaczmarek and his doctoral students In the files, the researchers pieced together a continuous recording of affect, along with several biosignals (e.g., cardiovascular activity), during experimentally induced positive and negative emotions. POPANE is currently the largest open and publicly available collection of psychophysiological data on emotion. This database was created in collaboration with scientists from the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center.

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Behnke, M., Buchwald, M., Bykowski, A., Kupiński, Sz., Kaczmarek, L.D., (2022), Psychophysiology of Positive and Negative Emotions - Dataset of 1157 Participants and 8 Biosignals. Scientific Data, 9, 10.