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Does the religiosity of Chilean students influence their subjective well-being through spiritual development and hope?

The article by Marcin Wnuk, Ph.D. appeared in the Journal of Religion and Health and describes how the religious and spiritual aspects of Chilean students' functioning are related to their well-being.

The article shows that Chilean students develop their spirituality through religious practices such as prayer and mass attendance, and through spiritual growth, they shape their hope as an essential part of their well-being. The article describes the mechanism of the influence of religious practice on the quality of life of Chilean students and the role of the underlying spiritual growth and hope. The article confirms the benefits of religious commitment of students for their satisfaction with life and experienced emotional states. The results presented indicate that commitment to religious and spiritual aspects plays a positive role among Chilean students and should be strengthened by teachers, therapists, educators and counselors as a way of shaping a better quality of life.