prof. Przemysław Wojtaszek

prof. Przemysław Wojtaszek


Przemysław Wojtaszek

Responsible for: activities related to supporting international cooperation and research of employees and doctoral students.

Regions of operation:

01 - Support for internationalization of UAM — visits of renowned foreign researchers under the AMU Excellence Visiting Postdoctoral Researchers and AMU Excellence Visiting Professors programs

02 - Support for the grant application process: content, technical aspects and language

04 - Support for talent management – halting brain drain

06 - Support for participation of researchers and doctoral students in prestigious international conferences

10 - Support for ancillary actions: “visiting postdoc companions” and “visiting professor companions

11 -Support for the transfer of good practices in the field of research internationalization: from individual POBs to all University units

13 - Support for internationalization of scientific research at the Doctoral School of the Adam Mickiewicz University

14 - Support for the transfer of good practices in the field of internationalization of research: from Priority Research Areas to all organizational units of AMU

17 - Reorganization of the management of the University - support for scientific research

20 - Internationalization of education at the AMU Doctoral School

27 - Motivating and evaluating employees

28 - Development of procedures for research staff recruitment

32 - Intersectoral and international mobility

37 - Expansion of the education offer of the AMU Doctoral School

43 - Supporting academic entrepreneurship  among doctoral students