prof. Joanna Wójcik

prof. Joanna Wójcik


Joanna Wójcik

Responsible for: activities in the field of student education and support for the professional development of employees

Regions of operation:

25 - Public awareness and promotional campaign on the principles of equal treatment and non-discrimination

29 - Fostering a healthier work-life balance

30 - Monitoring the level of professional qualifications

33 - Training teaching staff in new, engaging teaching methods

34 - Development of detailed competition rules and implementation of the Study@research support package

36 - Formation of joint study programs with European partners

38 - Building the prestige of UAM as a research-intensive university

39 - Identification and support of exceptional talent through greater involvement in research efforts from the earliest stages of first-cycle education

40 - Dropout prevention –support for first-cycle students

41 - Verification of and changes to second-cycle programs (master’s programs)

45 - Development of new second-cycle study programs